Each participant is assigned a mentor who guides the individual in finding practical applications of the principles taught in the classes. He is like a coach who teaches, challenges and encourages each student to reach his best.

The mentors help the participants of the programs set goals that are important and practical. In an ongoing way, he helps the student track his progress toward these goals.

Student mentoring sessions typically take place once a month at Warwick House. For the sake of continuity, the mentor also stays in contact with the student by phone between each session.



Tim Barry

Tim is originally from Agnew, Nebraska. He received degrees in physics and electrical engineering. He holds a doctoral degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. In addition to being the Director of Warwick House, he likes to design drones, read biographies and ride unicycles.


Luis Rodriguez

Luis is originally from Venezuela. After growing up in College Station, TX he received his B.S. at Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ and his M.A. from New York University (NYU) in New York City. Luis now works as a Division Manager for Heartland, a business solutions and technology company. He has spent years mentoring high school and university students as well as young professionals and enjoys friendship, nature and music. Luis also loves skiing and playing squash.


Mark Grobaker

Mark is from Baltimore, and has also lived in NJ and NYC. He currently works as a Data Engineer for Tenjin, which provides advertising data for mobile game developers. He enjoys racket sports, classical music, and reading about politics. He received a BSEng in Computer Science at Princeton and MIS at Carnegie Mellon.


Jack Nelson

Dr. Nelson grew up in a small town in western Minnesota. He received degrees from Notre Dame (English literature) and Harvard Medical School. He has a long-term interest in education: he was the founding headmaster of a boys’ school in Washington, DC (still thriving) and he taught at both Harvard Medical School and the University of Pittsburgh. Besides practicing and keeping up with medicine, he enjoys reading and music, especially Baroque and Classical, and shoveling snow in season.


Mark Smith

Mark grew up in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh. He graduated from Harvard College and Stanford Business School, and worked for fourteen years in Northern California in corporate finance. He also taught and mentored students at Westwood Study Center in Marin County, California. He returned to Pittsburgh to work for a family business, and subsequently started Oakwood Laboratories, a pharmaceutical development and manufacturing business located in a suburb of Cleveland. He enjoys tennis, squash and reading about history and current events.

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