Warwick House

The Space at Center:

  • Individual and group study rooms
  • Library / Conference Room
  • Classroom for about 40 students with tables and chairs
  • Comfortable environments for reading
  • Chapel for prayer and reflection
  • Air conditioning

A large, open and modern environment, with the use of natural light, and flexibility in the use of different spaces.
Thus, the study space is a favorable environment for the study and development of intellectual activities that require concentration. The structure consists of:

  • Library with books from diverse subject matters
  • Conference room, meeting rooms, classroom
  • A multifunctional room that can be used for Workshops
  • Dining space within the Center
  • Clean, organized, quiet, comfortable environment
  • Wi-Fi and printing capabilities
  • Close proximity to four local universities including the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University

The Warwick House Center is the perfect environment to:

Gain focus

Studying at home and at college can present several distractions. It is difficult to study and work effectively when you are close to the TV, pets, your room and other people uninterested in studying.

Increase productivity

A study environment creates a mood and mindset that can only come from interacting with other people that are focused on studying and academic life.

Enter a climate of study and friendship

Studying is an individual activity that nobody can do for you. However, the opportunity to have interactions in an environment with people committed to intellectual activities can help you to grow faster and more deeply in academic life.

In addition, the study space at Warwick House is a place to meet people interested in the most diverse subject matters and with varied backgrounds, from which many friendships arise.

The exchange of experiences and knowledge also helps to grow in the spirit of group work, service, friendship, and attention to others.

People of different ages will be able to use the space – high school students, university students, and professionals can either study individually or work in groups according to their needs and preferences.

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