Young Professionals

Between the ages of 22 and 35, we take our first professional steps, decide on our vocation, and maybe even have our first children.

In light of the many important decisions facing those in this age group, Warwick House tailors formational activities specifically for them.


Growing in the awareness that you are a person who also works, rather than a worker who happens to have a personal life.

Warwick programs for young professionals will show you that developing as a person, in ways unrelated to your profession, will make you a better professional. Thinking deeply about the direction of your life, improving your cultural knowledge, remaining a committed family man and friend, will also make you a better lawyer, doctor, businessman, teacher, or entrepreneur.

Monthly talks and dinners

Warwick hosts monthly talks and dinners for young professionals. These are good opportunities to learn and make good friends.

Click here for upcoming scheduled dates.

Trips and Volunteer Activities

Occasional service projects and volunteer activities are organized. We also do outdoor cultural trips and sports events as time permits which provide an opportunity for friendship and camaraderie.

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